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Thank you for your interest in Radical Draw for BlackBerry smart phones.

Main Screen

Radical Draw is design specifically for the Blackberry Storm and makes full use of the touch screen with stunning custom graphics and custom buttons. A fusion of art and function.

Radical Draw is a powerful drawing application that can be used to edit pictures, draw on photographs or to create your own pictures. Even if you have no artistic abilities, you can still look like a professional by using Radical Draws clip art, or our text tool to add titles to your photographs.

As far as we can tell, this is the only BlackBerry application that supports editing full resolution 3.0 MP pictures.

  • Draw lines shapes or text
  • Select different colors and line weights
  • Includes clip art to help those without artistic abilities create professional looking pictures.
  • Open any clip art or picture compatible with the BlackBerry Storm and insert it as clip art.
  • Rotate Pictures
  • Crop Pictures
  • Email pictures directly from Radical Draw
  • File Open screens include thumbnails, Delete, Rename, and New Folder functions. (OS and newer)

We are working on more clip art packages and Custom clip art packages are also available. Please contact support for a quote.

An excellent tool for personal use or for professionals like architects, insurance companies, or emergency personnel.

Purchase a work of art to make your work of art, buy Radical Draw!


We plan to release a free upgrade in the near future with additional Icon Packs for more international holidays and other useful icons, thumbnails for File Open, picture resizing, and MMS support. We also want to make the free form lines smoother, and support tilting the BlackBerry Stormâ„¢ to portrait.

Radical Draw Goals

Add "Edit with Radical Draw" function to native Blackberry Picture viewer.

File Save Screen:
Save in Radical Draw format and preserve Scaleable graphics information

New File Screen:
Add custom size
Add option for decorative borders

Cursor Menu:
Add 45 degree selection for drawing lines.
Add ability to change cursor offset

Tools Menu:
Obect Snap - snap to endpoints or center points of drawing objects.

Distort pictures option. Can be used to create funny portraits.

Filters (Black and White, Sepia, etc.)

Move drawing object

Move drawing object anchor points. For example, move just one end point of a line.

Add FaceBook and MySpace Support

Color Menu:
Add custom color button.

Drawing Screen:
We are going to make the drawing area white and everything else gray to make it easy to tell where the drawing area is. Right now the drawing area is just defined by the purple border.

Add provisions for background colors other than white.

Allow user to tilt screen.

We are going to make the freeform line a path and not just little lines.

Allow user to remove title bar and menu bar for more drawing space.

Every once and a while we get really precise control of the cursor. The operating system gives us the coordinates for the cursor, so this is not a result of our code. We are working with RIM to see if we can achieve the tighter control all the time.

Line Weight Screen:
Size of spinner buttons

Drawing Tool Menu:
Add measurement tool that has arrows with text in the middle.

Add Option for lines to have an arrow on one or two ends.

Text Tool Menu:
Change size of spinner button

Add align text function.

Add vertical text function

Layer Screen:
The layer screen can be used to change the order of the objects the user draws so that the user can place one object on top of another object.

The layer screen can be used to change the information used to build the drawing object. This will allow for exact placement of objects.For example; A line has a start point and end point that could be changed to any valid number the users desires. A circle has a center and radius.

Clip Art Screen:
Add option for borders. This will work especially well when inserting pictures as clip art.

Recommend Your Own Goals

We are interested in your input. E-mail JamesColeman@RadicalPhotography.com with your comments or suggestions

Clip Art

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